Carmine for Lee County Sheriff

Voting for Carmine for Lee County Sheriff is a vote for continued success in our districts law enforcement efforts. Crime remains on the decline even after six years as the states safest judicial district. Carmine Marceno looks to keep Lee County as one of the safest in Florida.

What is the crime rate in Lee County?

Lee county crime rates are on the decline. 2017 saw a drop of 7.9 percent in violent crime and 3.4 percent in property crime in Fort Myers alone. Even with multiple cities over 60,000 people our county is safer than the surrounding area.

For t Myers was ranked among the safest cities in Florida with an overall area crime rate near the national average of 22.7. Despite the exploding population, we continue to remain safe under Carmine Marceno.

Why should I vote for Carmine Marceno?

Carmine not only continues to preside over the lowest crime rate of any judicial district in Florida but is educated by one of the top institutions in the country. He graduated from the FBI National Academy in 2017 before serving as Undersheriff.

Governor Scott appointed Carmine before Mike Scott retired in 2018. He was already head of daily operations, overseeing the 16000 troopers that helped improve safety even into 2019.

What duties does a Sheriff have?

Sheriffs oversea the daily operations of the police department. Our hard-working officers patrol the streets, execute warrants, engage with community, and maintain an unrivalled standard of excellence.

Carmine continues to instill a respect for human rights in addition to more engaging patrolling. Being tough on crime means reducing the recidivism rate as well as staying active. Once one window breaks, more are sure to follow, and we want to ensure that this never happens.

Tough on Crime

A respectful hand does not mean letting up on enforcement. Officers under carmine continue to make arrests as needed. Getting on top of crime means having a firm yet reasonable hand.

The mission of our department is to safeguard the lives and property, respectfully enforce the law, and work cooperatively to keep our county safe. Carmine will continue to push for a high degree of integrity across our entire department.

What challenges does Lee County present?

The population in our county is exploding. Over 300,000 people moved into the area since 2000. This stresses every government system. As Cape Coral grows rapidly, our troopers do their best to keep the peace.

Managing rapidly growing populations is difficult. Carmine presided over one of the largest year-over-year percentage rises in population in the past 30 years.

Carmine for Lee County Sheriff

Your Lee County Sheriff needs to understand the challenges of a growing middle-class population. Not only does Carmine have experience in our county, his FBI education helps bring responsibility to policing. Through his guidance, the county continues to see lower crime rates.

Keeping Lee County among the safest areas in Florida requires diligence and a tough stance on crime. Carmine Marceno knows this. Visit our website today.

Carmine Marceno for Sheriff
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13300-56 S. Cleveland Ave., #256, Fort Myers, FL 33907

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