Carmine Marceno

Do you live in Lee County, Florida? Carmine Marceno is our current Sheriff, and I think he's doing a great job. I would like to see him retain his position. Help me make that possible and volunteer work on his campaign today.

What Has Carmine Marceno Done for Our Community?

When Carmine Marceno was a Deputy Sheriff, he showed he was against animal cruelty. His love for animals has attracted attention across our country and the sea. The Lee County Sheriff's Office has been sent numerous letters, emails, and phone calls from thankful animal lovers around the world. He has a zero-tolerance for animal abusers. There have been multiple studies showing people that abuse animals are often likely to be involved in child abuse and domestic violence.

He coined the phrase "Safe Students—Safe Schools" and has made student safety a priority. His initiative begins as soon as a student leaves their home continuing throughout the day and doesn't end until they return home safely. It is now required that all schools in the unincorporated portions of Lee County have a School Resource Officer and surveillance to maintain constant access. Student safety is the goal of his department.

Carmine Marceno has also upgraded the Sheriff's office technology to include the latest devices to help bring missing people home. His program "Reunite” (which is still being formulated) will use drones, bloodhounds, scent kits and GPS tracking devices to help locate and return missing people.

His dedication and commitment to his community and the people here make him the right man to be Lee County’s Sheriff.

Who Is Carmine Marceno?

Carmine Marceno is a Bronx native and was raised on Long Island. His father was a professional baseball player. He credits his choice to choose law enforcement as a career to a local policeman that patrolled his neighborhood when he was a child.

In 1999 he moved to Naples and worked for the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. Governor Scott appointed him in 2018 because Sheriff Mike Scott retired. He had been performing many of the supervisory duties before he was appointed. He has 20 plus years in law enforcement. His career started in New York where he was a County Sheriff's Officer for ten years, and then he moved to Lee County.

He has spent years communicating and engaging with the public on a personal level. He believes in knowing and interacting with the people in his area. Most people on the streets in Lee County recognize him.  He is a popular person in his community and gives many speeches at various functions.

He understands the type and scope of crime in Lee County. Each County has its own unique set of problems, and because of his training and commitment, he has the right mindset to be your elected Sheriff.

Why Should We Elect Carmen Marceno For Sheriff Of Lee County?

For several years, Sheriff Marceno has worked tirelessly to protect our community. He has dedicated his office to the safety of our students, protected animal rights, implemented new and improved community ways of policing.

Carmine Marceno for Sheriff
(239) 202-7271
13300-56 S. Cleveland Ave., #256, Fort Myers, FL 33907

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