Lee County Fl Sheriff

Your Lee County FL sheriff provides vital services in the courts and on the roads. Carmine Marceno oversees the successful efforts of the 1600 hard-working troopers in our county. A vote for Sheriff Carmine is a vote to continue the six-year decline in the crime rate through visibility and respectful policing.

What does the county sheriff do?

The county sheriff oversees the efforts of deputies in their law enforcement role. Our troopers oversee the county jail, execute warrants, and work with the judicial district.

Carmine presides over 16000 officers and their support staff. Every decision has an impact on the safety of our citizens. His efforts help keep Lee County among the safest in Florida.

Community Engagement

As a graduate of the FBI National Academy in 2017 and with 20 years of experience, Carmine knows the importance of visibility. Maintaining a presence means more than interacting with the press.

The county sheriff office supports many community initiatives. These range from protecting our children through various school resource programs and in the training of School Resource Office to the expansion of our on-site Safety Awareness Assessments and remaking our Student Safe Driver Program.

From the street corners to the department of motor vehicles, we work hard to keep the peace. Our officers are not confined to their cars.

How has Carmine helped improve school safety?

Lee County offers a variety of programs geared toward improving the ability of our young students to obtain an education. Carmine expanded the School Resource programs while improving the training of School Resource Officers.

Law enforcement provides a vital role in school safety. Our efforts help to find students before they act and provide trained first responders if a situation does occur. Children are our greatest asset. These young citizens deserve to learn in peace.

Using technology to improve outcomes

Recidivism is a problem. The nation’s jails are overflowing. Technology promises to help reduce the problems associated with deviant behavior.

Our office is a statewide leader in deploying crime-fighting technologies. Technical collaboration with other agencies helps to direct resources based on evidence-driven practices where they are most needed.

How can policing be more cost-effective?

Tax dollars are our biggest resource in fighting crime. We are responsible for making the best use of this revenue.

Carmine continues to find ways to improve efficiency in purchasing equipment and tools. He works with appropriate vendors to direct resources effectively. We purchase equipment in bulk, offering a great way to save while keeping you safe.

Lee County FL Sheriff

Acting sheriff Carmine Marceno oversaw a reduction in the crime rate both as head of daily operations and in his current role. He strives to ensure that our hard-working officers maintain a respect for the community.

Policing is about more than making an arrest. As the enforcement arm of the courts, we are responsible for helping to keep our county crime rate among the lowest in Florida. Voting for Carmine ensures that our success continues for generations to come.

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