Lee County Florida Sheriff

Your Lee County Florida sheriff presides over one of the fastest-growing counties in the state. Coordinating the 1600 diligent officers presiding over the area requires skill and patience. Since his appointment under Governor Scott, Carmine Marceno helped oversee the continuation of a declining crime rate through respectful policing.

Is Lee County Safe?

Lee County resides in the safest of the 20 judicial districts in Florida. Unlike the surrounding counties, our crime rate continued to decrease.

Fort Myers is one of the safest towns in the United States according to Safehouse. The crime rate declined by an average of 4 percent for both violent as well as property crime in 2017, a trend that continues today.

What are the challenges of policing Lee County?

Lee County is firmly middle class. Average household income hovers at the national average. Meanwhile, the population continues to explode, particularly in Coral Gables.

Over 300,000 people moved in since 2000. This tends to strain city services such as schools, fire departments, and the police. Our troopers strive to maintain a high level of community engagement and respect while remaining tough on crime.

Respectful Policing

Law enforcement is not a passive organization. As the country’s jails overflow, officers struggle to maintain the integrity and diligence required by the community.

Carmine Marceno works hard to coordinate the efforts of nearly 2000 enforcement officials and administrative staff. Our deputies perform investigations, patrol roads, and more. It is not unlike some counties to require the county sheriff office to patrol the jail.

Educated Policing

Carmine maintains the mission of the Lee County Sheriff office with a knowledgeable eye. He graduated from the FBI National Academy in 2017.

From fixing broken windows to working with probation and parole officers, his efforts pay off. The crime rate declined for each of the past six years.

A Modern Approach

The modern age calls for modern initiatives. Technology and other factors continue to make law enforcement both easier and more difficult.

 Carmine oversaw multiple initiatives to deploy and defend against the use of technologies through his time with the office. Data-driven practices are a major reason or the decline in crime.

Can law enforcement tax dollars be used efficiently?

Officers are important. They provide vital services. Even so, there are ways to improve the way in which money is spent.

Carmine strives to find the most cost-effective mechanisms for maintaining safety. Whether the answer is improving technologies for better intelligence gathering or finding more appropriate vendors, he works hard so that our tax dollars are not wasted.

Carmine for Lee County Florida Sheriff

Under the watchful eye of Carmine Marceno and previous sheriff Mike Scott, our county remains among the safest in Florida. This is quite a feat considering the enormous growth in population in Coral Gables and nearby Fort Myers.

Voting for Carmine Marceno allows him to continue to bring respectful policing to keep our schools, parks, roads, and cities safe. Get in touch or visit our website today for more information.

Carmine Marceno for Sheriff
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