Lee County Florida Sheriff Office

The Lee County Florida Sheriff Office presides over one of the safest areas in the state. Under Carmine Marceno, our area continues to see a reduction in the crime rate. With an FBI education, 20 years of experience, and a respect for the community, Carmine hopes to continue to make our popular area among the best in the state.

Lee County Florida Sheriff Office

Our office presides over 1600 troopers. The hard-working sheriffs, undersheriffs, deputies, officers, and administrative staff perform investigations, patrol streets, execute warrants, preside over county inmates, and maintain an excellent reputation with the overall community.

We are tough on crime but understand how recidivism impacts the entire population. We aim to help as much as possible as the court system attempts to enforce probation and parole restrictions.

Respectful policing

One broken window leads to more. Carmine knows that the most important component to successful policing is acceptance in the community.

He continues to instill integrity and respect. As a graduate of the FBI National Academy in 2018, Carmine understand the theories that work while deploying them in our growing area.

How dangerous is Lee County?

Carmine’s and previous sheriff Mike Scott’s commitments to respectful criminal enforcement are working. The judicial district in our county was ranked as the safest for the previous six years.

Crime rates in our cities are dropping. Fort Myers is one of the safest in Florida according to Safehouse. Property and violent crime fell by an average of 4 percent in 2017. Since moving from undersheriff to acting sheriff in 2018, the rate under Carmine decreased further.

What are the challenges of policing Lee County?

Fort Myers and Coral Gables are growing. Nearly 300,000 people moved into the county since 2000. At no point in the last 30 years has our population declined.

New residents, especially in the quantity that our county sees, makes community engagement and policing more difficult. The population may quickly outstrip the capacity of our office to handle deviant behavior. Our middle-class population deserves the best and Carmine strives to provide.

Can we continue to reduce the crime rate?

Success in criminal enforcement goes beyond the arrest. Courts and police departments aim to keep criminals from committing another crime. Reform is at the heart of policing in America even if the numbers in most counties suggest otherwise.

A respectful hand in policing is the best way to keep recidivism low while increasing acceptance in the community. Our officers provide support for probation and parole while also maintaining a visible presence. We are not only here to make arrests. Carmine wants to continue down the successful path to low crime.

Carmine Marceno for Lee County Sheriff

Carmine has over 20 years of experience in law enforcement. He served as undersheriff under the equally competent Mike Scott before taking the reins of the department in name. Sheriff Marceno oversaw a decreasing crime rate since graduating from the FBI National Academy.

Visit our website to find out more about the efforts of Carmine Marceno in your community.

Carmine Marceno for Sheriff
(239) 202-7271
13300-56 S. Cleveland Ave., #256, Fort Myers, FL 33907

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