Lee County Sheriff

Your Lee County Sheriff is responsible for your safety. There is no better choice than a graduate of the FBI National Academy. Rest easy with a vote for Carmine Marceno.

Who is Carmine Marceno?

Governor Scott appointed Carmine as his successor in 2018. By this time, Marceno already assumed supervisory responsibilities for the county.

His work since then allowed the county to remain as one of the safest in the state. Carmine brings expertise and knowledge to the job. He is a graduate of one of the most esteemed academies in the country.

Lee County Crime Rate

Lee County includes Fort Myers who was ranked among the safest cities in Florida by Safehome. The county itself sits at the national average.

Compared to the surrounding counties, Lee County is among the safest. Neighboring Hendry, Glades, and DeSoto counties are among the most dangerous in the state. Of all judicial districts, ours, the 20th had the lowest rates of crime for each of the previous six years.

Has crime come down under Marceno?

We live in a relatively safe area. Even so, the crime rate in Fort Myers and Lee County is shrinking. Both violent and property crimes are down in the area.

Violent crimes dropped 7.9 percent over 2017. Property crime shrank by 3.4 percent in the same period. Our office strives to find solutions that continue to lower crime.

How does the Sheriff protect your area?

The median household income in Lee county was $50,014. This is close to the national average. With multiple cities over 60,000 people there is plenty to keep track of. Lee County grew by over 300,000 people from 2000 to 2017.

The Sheriff ensures that the crime rate does not follow the rate of population growth. Our offices investigate complaints, respond to emergencies, patrol county roads, and execute warrants. We do more than make arrests. Carmine’s experience coordinating these efforts helps make our middle-class area among the safest in Florida.

Qualified Sheriff

Keeping your area safe is a matter of more than numbers. Carmine believes in preserving a respect for human rights as well as community engagement. High standards of excellence and an effort to reduce recidivism are foremost on the minds of our 16000 troopers.

Carmine continues to help direct a positive vision of law enforcement. Our hard-working people in blue are a true asset. Marceno strives to keep everyone on point and focused towards true reduction in crime, a fact not lost on overall crime figures.

Lee County Sheriff

Crime rates are decreasing in Lee County. Already the safest judicial districts in the state, our staff works hard to keep you safe with an eye towards human rights as well as community engagement. We take a tough stance on crime but also one that is proven to work.

A vote for Carmine Marceno is a vote for an FBI trained Sheriff already embedded in our successful criminal enforcement efforts. Visit our website or get in touch with Carmine for more information on his efforts.

Carmine Marceno for Sheriff
(239) 202-7271
13300-56 S. Cleveland Ave., #256, Fort Myers, FL 33907

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