Lee County Sheriff Fort Myers Fl

The Lee County Sheriff in Fort Myers FL helps provides vital services to keep the roadways and area safe. Fort Myers has one of the lowest crime rates in the state, a rate that continues to drop under Carmine Marceno. A vote for Carmine is a vote for continued success.

How safe is Fort Myers?

Fort Myers has a relatively low crime rate for Florida. Safehome ranked the city among the best in Florida in 2017. Crime continues to decline in 2019.

Violent and property crimes are on the mend. A decrease of 7.9 and 3.4 percent respectively result from the diligence of our officers. Our judicial district also exemplifies this trend.

What does the county sheriff do?

The county sheriff overseas the efforts of 1600 troopers and their support staff. Our office works hard to maintain the effectiveness of the court system.

A county deputy is present from serving warrants to patrolling the roads. Where the city limit ends, we are often the only law enforcement. Carmine ensures that these efforts remain respectful while presenting a tough face on criminal activity.

Increasing school safety

School safety is a matter of intelligence and observance. Our School Resource programs, and the training of School Resource Officers ensures that situations are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Students are citizens. They deserve the opportunity to learn and grow without fear. Our officers work with school staff to promote a positive environment.

How does community engagement impact policing efforts?

Troopers are part of the community. Engaging with Fort Myers residents is one of the ways in which we increase our visibility while helping citizens understand and gain an appreciation for the efforts undertake to continue to make the city a better place to live.

Safety Awareness Assessments help us make cost-effective use of our officers. We also promote the Student Safe Driver Program. We are a part of Fort Myers and Carmine would like to continue these efforts.

What is respectful policing?

In an era when jails in the United States overflow, policing with integrity reduces recidivism while improving the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts. As the major enforcement arm of the judicial district, we enforce warrants and work with people daily.

Policing works best when officers are both visible and respected. Integrity is among the most important factors in reducing the crime rate. When people appreciate the law, they will help to keep the community safe.

Lee County Sheriff in Fort Myers FL

Carmine is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and brings the power of research and over 20 years of experience to his position as county Sheriff. His duties started before his appointment by Governor Scott as acting Sheriff while overseeing daily operations.

From Fort Myers to Coral Gables and every corner of our county, crime is on the decline. Over the past two years, Carmine presided over the six year drop in the crime rate. A vote for him is a vote to continue the efforts leading to success. Visit our website today.

Lee County Sheriff Fort Myers Fl
Carmine Marceno for Sheriff
(239) 202-7271
13300-56 S. Cleveland Ave., #256, Fort Myers, FL 33907

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