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As Sheriff in Lee County FL, Carmine Marceno oversaw a continual reduction in crime. Even before his appointment by Governor Mike Scott, his efforts overseeing daily operations saw a continually safer county. Voting for Carmine helps ensure the continued success of our law enforcement personnel.

What efforts is Carmine undertaking to keep me safe?

Policing is about more than making arrests. Jails in the United States are overflowing due to a lack of community engagement and an effort to keep our interiors safe.

Troopers are not law enforcement delivery. Their presence in schools and engagement with the local community helps make our cities and the surrounding areas among the safest in the country.

To this end, Carmine expanded and started programs and initiatives in some of our most vital institutions. He oversaw the expansion of school resource programs and the School Officer Resource Training Program. Our office also reshaped efforts to help avoid traffic violations as well as accidents under the updated Student Safe Driver Program.

Respectful Policing

When left untouched, a broken window continues to crack. People who see this assume that the building is unkept. Over time, the structure and surrounding neighborhood fall prey to a host of issues.

Community engagement and the respect of the community help avoid situations where broken windows lead to more crime. Fighting for safety at the source helps make our judicial district the safest in Florida. We work hard to maintain integrity so that the entire community respects the law.

Ensuring safety in schools

Under Carmine, the sheriff office increased intelligence gathering, enhanced video technology, and improved program to tackle issues before they flare into a deadly situation. From spotting potential threats early to acting when they become unstoppable, our efforts and on-site assessments help to keep Lee County schools safe.

Young citizens deserve a place to learn. They should be focused on the future, not on their security.

Are the efforts of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Working

Our efforts to promote a safe community work. For six years, the crime rate in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas declined. Violent and property crimes continued to drop under Carmine.

The efforts of our hard-working troopers combined with collaboration through other agencies make our county among the most peaceful in the state. Safehome ranked Fort Myers as one of the better cities in Florida.

Is policing cost-effective?

Law enforcement efforts are the bulwark of an economy. However, they do take an incredible amount of resources. The United States spends $180 billion on law enforcement.

As a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Carmine knows where to direct resource and use technology. Collaboration with other agencies helps provide crucial low-cost intelligence.

The sheriff in Lee County FL

Sheriff Carmine Marceno understands the law and the need for better community engagement. His efforts helped continue the decline of the crime rate.

Since 2017, Carmine’s initiatives helped make the schools, roads, towns, farms, and cities a better place to live. Visit our website for more information today.


Sheriff Lee County Fl
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